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Frequently Asked Questions

Take the shades off, put as many shades as you can in one box, mark them “Top load lampshades,” pack the lamp bases in packing paper and put in a medium or large box. 

If you want to disassemble them beforehand, it will save you time and money. If not, we are equipped to take those apart. It is very common for us to do so.

Yes, we will disconnect the washer and dryer and put the packing rods in the washer.

Yes, we will put floor protection down on the wood floors and if you want to purchase carpet-stretch to protect your stairs and main walkways we will put that down for you as well. 

Yes, we provide mattress bags. You can purchase them yourself prior to the move and have them ready for us or we will have them equipped on the trucks and will put the mattresses in the bags for you. 

If it is a freezer chest that is in the garage or walkout basement you can leave the freezer full and we will load it last and unload it first at the new home. 

If you want us to move it, you DO need to have it empty of gas. 

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