How to Relocate Your Senior Parents

Your parents may need to leave their home for different living arrangements as they age. This is not an easy process and parents may be reluctant to move. There are steps you can take to ease the process. Omaha senior movers can take care of your parents’ belongings and ensure they are moved with care to their new location. The following tips can also help ease the transition.

1. Communicate

It is important to communicate with your parents about their changing needs and why a move may be in their best interest. It can be difficult for elderly parents to admit that their home is no longer suitable, so be sure to listen to their needs.

2. Ensure Your Parent Is Involved

It is easy for adult children to take over their parents’ care and forget to consider their wishes. Ensure your parents’ voices are being heard and involve them in the decision-making process.

3. Identify Living Options

One of the biggest steps is to identify the appropriate living arrangements for your parents’ situation. They may need to downsize into an apartment or live with an adult child. They may need help with daily activities and an assisted living facility is appropriate. Assess the needs of your senior parents to determine the right fit.

4. Start Small

It can be overwhelming to think about clearing out your parents’ home. They may have many belongings that have accumulated over the years. Start small by working on one room or area of the home at a time.

5. Manage Belongings

As you clean out their home, sort belongings into categories – keep, donate, trash, and sell. Consider hiring a junk removal company to help with the process.

6. Hire an Advocate

Senior specialists can help your parents with many aspects of relocation. Caring Transitions and Senior Move Managers are examples of professionals that help with everything from home sales to moving.

7. Hire a Moving Company

Omaha senior movers can help with all aspects of moving your parents. On move-in day, a moving company can focus on the physical aspects of the move so that you can tend to your parents’ needs.

8. Set Up New Home

Set up the main areas of the new home of your senior parents before they arrive. It can be comforting to have favorite items already in place.

9. Help Your Parents Acclimate to New Surroundings

It can be overwhelming for your parents to move to a new city or state. Help them locate important sites in the city, such as the pharmacy and grocery store. Check-in with them often to see if they need help.

10. Celebrate!

Coordinating a move is no easy feat, and there is a reason to celebrate once complete! Your parents may enjoy a housewarming party with their friends and family.

While a move can be a challenging process, it is often in the best interest of your elderly parents for a multitude of reasons. By taking steps to ease the transition, you can help your parents enjoy their new home.