How to Properly Pack Electronics

Pack Your Electronics for a Safe and Happy Move

Your electronic items are often your most valuable possessions other than your home and car. How can you pack these items so that they’ll be ready to go in your new home?

Read the Manual

Aren’t sure how to pack your electronic items? The user manuals are the best place to look. If you don’t have them anymore, you can download them from the manufacturer’s website. Search by model number and include “owner’s manual” in your search.

Items with Batteries Need Special Care

Batteries are easily damaged by heat. Remove all batteries that can be removed. Take batteries with you separately. Items with non-removable rechargeable batteries should be charged prior to your moving company loading them. When possible, keep these items with you or notify your Omaha movers that they need to be kept from excessive heat.

Remove All Tapes or Discs from Players

Remove any audio or video tapes from tape recorders or VCRs. Take out any floppy discs, DVDs, or other media from players and computers. Be sure to check all of your items, even if you haven’t used them lately. Like batteries, media items are easily damaged by heat. Tell your moving company about all of these items.

Pack Your Electronics Carefully

The original boxes and packaging are perfect for boxing these items back up. If you don’t have them, use non-static packaging items like towels, paper, and bubble wrap. Avoid using loose foam chips because they produce static electricity and can damage your items. Secure moving parts by using tape. Your Omaha moving company can advise you on packing supplies.

Be careful when packing up items with screens. Newspapers and other paper products may rub against your screens and scratch them. If you don’t have the original packaging anymore, towels should be placed between your screens and any other packaging. Mark these items fragile so your moving company knows to handle them with extra care.

Color-Code Your Cables

Cables are easy to unplug and put in a box. They can be much harder to sort out in your new home. To avoid problems, put colored labels on your cables. For example, write “living room TV power cord” so that you’ll know where to put that cord as you’re putting your systems back together. Box up cables separately by room and by systems.

Don’t Forget Your Data

Back up your computer systems before moving. If you’re using a disk drive to back them up, keep it with you and separate from your computer system during the move. If you’re using a cloud service, make sure your backups are current before the move.

Check Your Insurance

It’s a good idea to check with your insurance agent or your Omaha movers about coverage for your electronics. Coverage in transit may be different than when they’re sitting in your home.

With careful planning and packing, you can enjoy your electronics and computer systems in your new home soon enough. Plan ahead to have your electronics arrive safely and in good condition.