How to Safely Move Your Private Documents With a Moving Company

Moving is hard. Concern about the private documents of your company only adds to your stress. Moving with the best Omaha commercial moving company is key. The right Omaha movers make your move stress free. Here is how to find the best pros for your next move.

Make Your New Address Known

Securing your sensitive data is vital. You can still be in trouble if new documents arrive after you leave, however. Get in touch with anyone you receive private data from. Tell lenders, utilities, and banks to make sure that they know you are at a new site. Fill out a change of address form with the post office at least ten days prior to your move.

Secure Your Vital Documents

There’s a lot going on during a move. Don’t let your vital documents get mixed in with the rest of your belongings. Spreading documents across many boxes makes them easy to lose track of. Store your company’s most important documents in a secure setting like a fireproof safe.

Take Special Care With Important Data

A large file of paper documentation likely can not fit it all in a small safe. If so, pack your private documents together. This makes them easy to monitor. If possible you can transport these boxes on your own. Keeping them all contained in as few boxes as possible makes it easier for your moving company. With fewer boxes, they can keep them all together and safe. Shred all documents you no longer need. This prevents them from being found by criminals.

Create a List of Boxes

The best way to make sure that everything comes through the move is to create an inventory list. A detailed list is one option. A simple option is to count how many boxes are in each section of the building. Label each box across the tape. This makes it easy as it can be to check that you got all of your boxes at your new location. The writing over the tape serves as a seal check.

Hire a Trustworthy Moving Company

If you’re hiring a moving company then you are going to have to trust some of your secure data to them. The best way to make sure that all of your important data gets from your old site to your new one safely is to turn to a reliable Omaha commercial moving company. Compare online reviews. Seek out referrals from trusted friends or business contacts. When you can count on your Omaha movers to get the job done while respecting your privacy it takes a huge load off your shoulders.

Check-Up After

Once you are at your new site make sure that all of your boxes made it. Use your lists and check off each item. Start your check with the most private and secure boxes first. This lets you know about any cause for concern as soon as you can.

Make your next move a breeze. Hire trusted Omaha movers and your documents will arrive safe and sound. Don’t stress. Hire the best for your move.