Items Smart Movers Don’t Try To Pack

There are a lot of exciting things about moving in Nebraska, but for most people, packing isn’t one of them. If the idea of trying to fit all your possessions into a moving truck seems impossibly daunting, even with the help of a moving company in Omaha, you’ll be glad to remember that you don’t have to pack everything. Within your home, there are many items that can be thrown away or easily replaced, making your move that much easier. Here are the top items smart movers don’t try to pack into a moving truck.

1. Clothes

Obviously, you’ll need to pack some clothes. It’s smart to plan ahead and bring seasonal clothing for the area where you’ll be moving. However, everyone has at least a few clothing items that are unlikely to see much or any use.

2. Chemicals and Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products are easily replaceable. Additionally, chemical cleaning products often contain hazardous material, so Omaha moving companies won’t allow them on the moving truck anyway.

3. Perishable Foods

If it is normally stored in your fridge or freezer, there’s a good chance these food items won’t stay fresh for the whole trip. Your moving company of Omaha will recommend you eat up foods or throw them away before moving.

4. Live Plants and Animals

Most people wouldn’t consider shipping their dog or cat in a moving truck, but even quiet pets like fish and potted plants have no business being packed into a moving truck. Transporting living things in moving trucks is against the regulations of Omaha moving companies, so keep them with you instead.

5. Books and Other Bulky Items

Moving is the perfect time to sort through the items on your shelves to pick which books, movies, games, and other items you will actually use again and what might be better off in someone else’s hands.

6. Old Furniture

You might have some furniture that has sentimental, comfort, or antique value, but it’s pretty likely you have other furniture that is simply outdated. Your moving company from Omaha is happy to help transport furniture, but by selling or throwing away furniture, you’ll have more time and space for more important items.

7. Garage Clutter

When you are decluttering garage areas and closets, you’ll probably find a lot of items you’re holding onto in case you need them someday. Generally, these aren’t worth packing into the moving truck.

8. Papers

By all means, pack important documents, but don’t make the mistake of simply stuffing every paper into a box and taking it with you. There’s a good chance you can throw away a lot of old paperwork, and what can’t be tossed can be scanned and transported on a flash drive instead.

9. Bathroom items

A quick glance through your medicine cabinet will probably show you a number of items that have expired or aren’t needed anymore. Just make sure to dispose of medicines safely.

When you plan ahead and hire a moving company in Omaha, you’ve already saved yourself a lot of trouble. By decluttering garage spaces and other areas where useless items tend to gather and only packing items you’re sure to need, you can reduce stress and enjoy the more exciting parts of moving.