Save Time and Money by Decluttering Your Garage

The garage is one of the most stressful rooms to clear out during a move. As any moving company can tell you, most people’s garages are over-cluttered. Fortunately, there are a few suggestions you can follow when decluttering your garage.

Bundle Tools

Before moving day, make sure that your tools are bundled together. Your moving company in Omaha will be grateful to get around your garage easier. Packing items together allows them to take less time to load your items. Likewise, the more organized you are, the more organized the truck will be.

You can help by bundling rakes, shovels or brooms together. Carrying long-handled tools to and from is a pain. If you try to grab too many unsecured tools, then you can end up dropping or tripping over the tools. This is why having those bundled together makes it much easier. Consider using ropes or zip ties to package your tools for easy transport.

Clear Cabinets and Shelving Units

Omaha moving companies suggest that you clear out all of your cabinets and shelving units before move day. Everyone knows how long it can take to clear the cabinets and shelves the day of the move. It never seems like much, until you start trying to box it up in a hurry. If any shelves or cabinets are moving with you, you or your moving company in Omaha have to clear them before loading them into the truck.

Before you start to declutter, consider what you want to do with the items on your shelves. Do you want to take the items with you? Would you rather get rid of them? Choosing what to let go and what to keep is sometimes difficult. One recommendation is to use the six-month rule. If you have not used the item in six months or more, then odds are you will not use them again. The exceptions may be seasonal decorations or items. For instance, Christmas decorations or swimming pools may be kept in storage for about nine months at a time.

Empty Gas Cans

Keep your gas and oil cans as low as possible before the move. Gas and oil are difficult to transport. They take more care and you can save time and money by having them emptied out before moving day. Now, you don’t want to waste money on gas or oil. Therefore, if you keep the levels low and only buy what you need in the meantime, you will waste less.

Start Early

If you start decluttering your garage early, you will have more time to spare when the move gets closer. The more you have finished, the less you will rely on your moving company in Omaha. Even when you have your move planned out, there are always unexpected, last-minute stressors.

You want to free up as much time as possible for your move to go smoothly. Omaha moving companies do alleviate some of your stress. Still, you can help your stress level by removing clutter in your garage in the weeks or months leading up to moving day.