Time Saving Tips for Packing

Packing a house or apartment for a move can be time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make the process run smoothly. With some planning and the help of a quality Omaha moving company, you can have your belongings ready to go on moving day.

Clean Out Your Closets

You can save a lot of time and money on packing by getting rid of unneeded possessions. Pick out anything that may be useful to someone else. Donate or sell items that are still usable and discard or recycle with anything that is in bad shape. With a little decluttering, you will save yourself a lot of time as the move approaches. You’ll also save time unpacking if you only bring what you truly want and need.

Make a Plan

Make a weekly checklist of tasks to complete leading up to the move. Spreading out the work will reduce your stress and prevent last-minute mishaps that cost money and time. Estimate how many moving boxes and other packing supplies you will need and buy them well in advance. Start by packing non-essential items, such as books, DVDs, and out-of-season clothing, and save everyday items until the end.

Look For Packing Materials Around the House

You may feel like you never have enough bubble wrap or newspaper to protect your belongings. Fortunately, there’s a good chance you have items in your home that can serve that purpose. Using soft items you have around the house can save you a trip to the store. Linens, blankets, extra towels, and outerwear make excellent packing materials. They cushion fragile items to prevent breakage during transport. This is also a good solution if you are worried about generating too much waste with your move. Just be sure that you won’t need those items in the near future. If you don’t have many soft items to spare, you can also use plastic grocery bags to wrap glassware and dishes.

Hire Wisely

When choosing a moving company, look for full-service companies that will pack your belongings for you. Be sure to ask if they offer packing and moving supplies that can be purchased on site. Whether they pack a few items or the entire house, is entirely up to you. If you can make room in your budget, allowing the movers to pack can save you a lot of time.

Label Boxes Clearly

Another way to save time while packing is to clearly label and sort your moving boxes. This is especially helpful if other people are assisting you with your move. Knowing where everything goes avoids confusion and simplifies the packing process. Once your movers arrive, they will know what is in the boxes and will know where to place them in your new home.

Making Your Moving Day a Success

Using some time-saving tips will reduce the stress and exertion of your moving day. However tough the job might be, you do not have to do it alone. Rest assured that your qualified team of Omaha movers will help make the move as efficient and stress-free as possible.