Why You Should Move to Omaha, Nebraska

“Nebraska: Honestly, It’s Not for Everyone” may be our tourism slogan, but that doesn’t mean Omaha doesn’t have some great things to offer. Omaha is a great place to live and experience. Check out the list we’ve complied of reasons why we love living in Omaha, Nebraska.

The College World Series

Fans come from all over the nation to watch their favorite college baseball team win the championship. It’s a true American pastime, after all. We are proud to be home to this awesome tradition.

Have you ever heard of “Nebraska Nice?”

What’s better than being surrounded by genuinely nice people? We’ve got some true golden folks here in Omaha. If you want to like your neighbors, move here. We may have some bad apples, but we can assure you that we’ve got more good ones than bad ones in our city.

The Old Market

Not to toot our own horn, but we have a pretty cute downtown. Stroll down the cobbled streets, eat some classic italian food, and end the night on a horse drawn carriage to see trees donning twinkle lights. This is a simple Friday night at the Old Market and it could be for you every weekend if you move to our awesome city. 

We’ve been listed as one of the best places to retire.

A study found that with our affordable living costs, nice weather, low crime rate, and access to exceptional health care and hospitals makes our state one of the best places to settle down and retire. But why wait until then to experience all that Omaha has to offer?

The Omaha Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Okay, okay, this couldn’t be a true list about why Omaha is awesome without mentioning our record-breaking zoo. It’s one of the most highly rated and largest in the universe, people! That’s pretty cool. We are home to America’s largest indoor rainforest and home to the world’s largest exhibit of nocturnal animals. You can visit every continent in a few hours. Check out the elephants in the grasslands of Africa, the red panda from Asian Highlands, or the arctic penguins in Antarctica. If you lived here, you could visit all the time! The Omaha Doorly Zoo has even started up 21+ nights for adults in the summertime if you want to see the animals at night. Which you do.

Omaha has a low unemployment rate.

Our city holds many exciting opportunities that could be waiting for you. Move here and explore the options you might have!

We have an awesome food scene.

It’s almost something you wouldn’t expect in Omaha. But man, we’ve got some awesome food places! Trust us – or rather, trust our self-proclaimed Oma-foodies. They’ve seen the delicious restaurants Omaha has to offer. You’ll never be bored trying out all the places to try.

Omaha, Nebraska is an underrated place to live. Moving here could be a new, fresh start. Between our nice residents, unexpectant loads of things to do, and incredible foods to try, we are proud of our city and all that it has to offer. If we convinced you, and you want to move to this great place, don’t forget to check out King’s Moving! We are Omaha’s most trusted long-distance movers, ready to give you a quality and professional move.